July 2016

Our team was invited at the Chevaliers de Colomb (Gatineau) to present our project and the work we are doing. We did a presentation and asked questions to the audience on facts about Heart diseases and mental health. 150 people were in the audience. We distributed promotional materials (hats, pedometers, water bottles) as well as our information brochures, and recruitment leaflets.

MindTheHeart’s Educational Materials were also distributed in multiple sites within the Montreal Heart Institute (hospital wards, family rooms, external clinics, etc.) and the Community Centre next door. Pamphlets were also provided to a Private Cardiology clinic.

Our team organised an awareness morning at walmart Pharmacie Plateau (Gatineau). We talked with people attending the pharmacy, explained our project and the bi-directional link between heart disease and mental health and we recruited participants for the study. Leaflets and other promotional materials were given away.